The 10,600nm laser energy is conducted via an articulated arm equipped with a series of folding mirrors, and is delivered to the target tissue after being scanned by a double-axis scanner into a pattern of pre-determined shape, size, depth and applied energy.


The CO2RE system is indicated for use in the performance of dermatological procedures requiring ablation, coagulation and resurfacing of soft tissue, including skin.

Stretch Marks

Acne Scar

Wrinkles & Visible Lines

Textural Irregularities

Superficial Skin Lesions

Skin Laxity

  • Results appear gradually: immediate transient improvement can be noticed after each treatment; however maximum long-term effect is usually noticed 2-4 months after treatment conclusion.
  • The degree of improvement and the number of sessions required are individual and will vary according to the degree of severity of the skin’s condition, as well as other factors.
  • Potential benefits may include improvement of wrinkles and skin texture (as manifested by smoothness, tightness, brightness, etc.) and possibly also improvement of pigmentation.